Case Updates to John Doe A vs Thomas M. Goerner

I was sexually abused by Thomas M. Goerner of Reading, Pennsylvania (Berks County), starting at age 15, from 1979-1982. This page is devoted to updates on the status of the civil suit. Coming soon – complete pdfs of the case filings. On Jan. 31, 2013, I filed a civil law suit against Thomas M. Goerner of Reading, PA, for sexual abuse of a minor. I am the plaintiff, and as an adult who was the victim of childhood sex abuse, I am permitted to file the suit anonymously, as John Doe A vs. Thomas M. Goerner. All court filings are public documents and all the information disclosed here is contained in the court documents. This is not a complete docket of all court proceedings. Read more about the Wyomissing grocery store where the abuse happened. June/July 2013 – Subpoenas to provide depositions were issued to a co-victim and the defendant’s wife, Christine Goerner. July 2013 – Subpoena Request for Documents issued to Hawk Mountain Council / Boy Scouts of America, for documents related to Goerner’s separation from Boy Scouts in 2000. August 2013 – A co-victim who was subpoenaed to sit for a deposition was granted a protective order prohibiting the deposition on the basis that it would create undue stress and anxiety. Judge provides for possible deposition at later date. Read the transcript of the protective order hearing. December 2013 – Plaintiff’s First Set of Admissions sent to Goerner. January 2014 – Goerner failed to respond within 30 days to a Request for Admissions, and thus, according to PA Civil Statutes, has legally admitted to the following:
  1. Specific acts of sexual abuse involving the Plaintiff and other minors.
  2. Threatening the victim with deadly force with a firearm.
  3. Gave alcohol and drugs to the victim.
February 2014 – Plaintiff’s Second Set of Admissions sent to Goerner. Included in this set of admissions is a list of eight other potential victims identified in court documents only as John Doe C through John Doe H. March 2014 – Goerner failed to respond to the Second Set of Admissions within the 30 days required by law. All items are legally admitted. March 2014 – Third Set of Admissions sent to Goerner. Included in this request was a copy of the Plaintiff’s Social Security Earnings Report, received and certified by the Social Security Administration. The report itemized the years of of employment for 1979 – 1982 and reported Thomas M. Goerner and Wyomissing Meat Market at the Plaintiff’s employer. Wages and social security contributions made by Goerner to the Plaintiff’s account were detailed. April 2014 – Goerner failed to respond the the Third Set of Admissions. All items are legally admitted. April 2014 – Documentary evidence of Goerner’s employment of the Plaintiff, is admitted, and impeaches Goerner’s defense that he did not employ the Plaintiff. 2014-2015: Attempts for a Negotiated Settlement with Defendant are ignored by Defense Attorney Thomas Klonis. July 2016: Obtained documentation that Tom Goerner registered a trade name Contemporary Gourmet in 1992. Discovered this link the corporate filing: http://www.bizapedia.com/people/PENNSYLVANIA/READING/TOM-GOERNER.html January 2017: Subpoena and Request for Information sent to Hawk Mountain District of Boy Scouts of America, seeking rosters of participation of scouts during the years Tom Goerner was involved in any capacity and/or Scout master of St. Catherine of Sienna parish troop. March 2017: Defense files Motion for Summary Judgement on basis of statute of limitations. June 2017: Oral Arguments for Motion for Summary Judgement, during which Attorney Klonis lied to the Judge that he did not fail to file timely responses to the sets of admissions. August 2017: Motion for Summary Judgement Granted to dismiss the case with a condition.  Judge Sprecher’s handwritten addition to the order stated: “…without prejudice to refile within 30 days of a legislative change in the statute of limitations allowing Plaintiff his day in court.” Read the complete Opinion by Judge Sprecher in John Doe A vs Thomas Goerner Read the Order Only Sprecher-Order Image of Judge Sprecher’s Order Read the Statute of Limitations Reform and Window Legislation Page. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at abtg@abusedbytomgoerner.com