Tom Goerner Defenses

Goerner’s Shifting Defenses to Claims of Child Sex Abuse

I was sexually abused by Thomas M. Goerner of Reading, Pennsylvania (Berks County), at age 15, from 1979-1982. In 2013, I filed a civil suit against Tom Goerner for sex abuse of a minor. Throughout the litigation, Goerner shifted his defenses he made in legal filings to the allegations of child sex abuse. Below is a summary of these defenses.
Thomas M. Goerner
Seated at right, Tom Goerner, Scout leader in the 1970s thru 2000, at St. Catherine of Siena in Reading PA.
This is the only photo of him that I’ve managed to find, from a 1972 Reading Eagle photo and caption. Tom Goerner is the adult on the far right. Tom Goerner has claimed in court documents such as the Answer to Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint that he: has no recollection of the plaintiff; has no recollection of ever employing the plaintiff; has no recollection of anyone else he employed while he owned and operated Wyomissing Meat Market; claims the abuse never happened. Tom Goerner did admit, in same document, that he was: former owner of Wyomissing Meat Market during the early 1980’s and “lost the business” in the mid-1980s. former scout leader for St. Catherine of Sienna (Reading PA) Boy Scout troop. More recently, by failing to respond within the time set forth in the civil code to a Request for Admissions, Goerner admitted: Specific acts of sexual abuse involving the Plaintiff and other minors. Threatening the victim with deadly force with a firearm. Gave drugs to the victim. Want to read more admissions – see updates page. See the Wyomissing Meat Market sex abuse case updates page for the more. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at this email address.