“Scouts Honor” Renews Vows for Justice

The recent release of “Scouts Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America” on Netflix in September 2023 has reminded me of how being introduced to Tom Goerner at Camp Shikellamy in 1976 (approx.) Watching the documentary brought up many “me-too” moments of the methodical years-long process of how Goerner gained my trust, groomed me, abuse sexually abused me when I was a teenager. I highly recommend that you view “Scouts Honor”, for it will offer insight for family and loved ones of abused men into the impact of being sexually abused. Here is the Scouts Honor trailer on Youtube, and an interview with Director, Brian Knappenberger and Michael Johnson, former Youth Protection Director of Boy Scouts of America.

I contacted Boy Scouts of America in 2011 to alert them about Goerner. Their response mirrored the accounts included in Scouts Honor and reminded me of the lack of action by the Hawk Mountain Council when I reported in 2011 Goerner’s sexual abuse of me and other boys. I blogged previously about that lack of notice and failure to notify others who may have been harmed.

Watching the documentary has energized my desire to keep creating awareness among the Reading PA community. Goerner remains a resident in the Crestwood section of Mount Penn, PA, and is active in organizations that provide Goerner a level of credibility and potentially access to teen boys.

tom goerner knights of columbus council 14880

I recently became aware that Tom Goerner is a member of the Knights of Columbus Council #14880. He is photographed (above photo, far right) in this 2020 Reading Eagle story in which it is reported that the KoC is donating gift cards to the Exeter Police and Central Berks police departments. This turns my stomach to see Goerner being lauded as a pillar of the community, shaking hands with the local police chiefs, when in fact law enforcement should be slapping hand cuffs on Goerner and leading him to be booked for sexual abuse of minors. At the very least, any teen boy who was sexually abused by Goerner who saw this photo and story in the newspaper would conclude that Goerner and the police chiefs are friends and the teen would never be believed. (Photo Credit: Ben Hasty / Reading Eagle). If any teen is reading this, I believe you, it happened to me, you are not alone.

Previously, I posted my account of contacting the BSA to alert them about Tom Goerner and help protect other boys. They refused to help.

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