Nine Years and Counting

Nine Years And Counting

No justice for nine years and counting. That’s how long it’s been since I first contacted Tom Goerner by letter, sent USPS certified delivery, and signed for by Tom on December 4, 2009. In that letter, I explained to him what I recall about what he did to me, how it affected me and changed my life and the lives of people who love me, and how I felt about it now. (This is all predates the filing of my civil lawsuit against him). Here is a copy of the certified receipt that I received back in the mail, showing the signature of Tom Goerner of Reading PA, in his own handwriting. I recognize his signature and handwriting because he used to sign lots of paperwork around the grocery store, Wyomissing Meat Market, where he hired me, and the Evans Rd. location of most of the sexual abuse. In the letter, I requested that he acknowledge what he did, that he knew it was wrong and done without any consideration for my well-being and for his own personal sexual gratification and thirst for power and control. I requested that he get sex-specific counseling. I asked him to reimburse me for the years of gut-wrenching therapy and counseling. I asked for an apology. I got no reply from Tom Goerner. I felt re-victimized all over again. It was like being reminded that I did not “count” enough to be given a proper apology. Even though I was working with a therapist trained in counseling adult men abused as boys, it was still a shocking and alarming reality to have NO reply whatsoever. It also opened my eyes that I will need to do whatever is reasonable to get what I asked for. After careful consideration of all options, I prepared my civil lawsuit against Tom Goerner for multiple counts of child sexual abuse against me. The suit was filed January 31, 2013. Read the Case Updates and the subsequent series of pathetic and shifting defenses by him.