Grocery Store Sex Abuse

Child Sex Abuse at Wyomissing Grocery Store

Tom Goerner was the owner and operator of Wyomissing Meat Market (aka Banco’s Market) at 105 Evans Avenue in Wyomissing PA from 1978 through about 1985. I was sexually abused by Thomas M. Goerner of Reading, PA from 1979-1982 when I was employed at the grocery store. The photo of Wyomissing Meat Market below was taken by me in 1981. On this page, I have added an excerpt of my Plaintiff’s Complaint which details the allegations of sexual abuse, and the providing of alcohol and drugs.
Wyomissing Meat Market aka Banco's
Wyomissing Meat Market as it appeared in 1981 when I worked there as a teen.
The store (as seen below Aug. 2013) at 105 Evans Avenue, Wyomissing PA is currently vacant and is once again for sale (updated March 2021).
Wyomissing grocery store
The market is vacant today.
The door in the center leads to the cellar, where most of the physical sexual abuse occurred, along with other locations. See the plaintiff’s complaint below for specific details. When I look at this photo, I can’t help but stare at the front curb. Tom Goerner once gave me a bag of rolled marijuana joints, saying he found it in the street curb side. He suggested I sell the drugs and split the money with him.

Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint Excerpt

The following is an excerpt of the court document, Plaintiff’s Amended Complaint, filed in 2013. This is the section of the Complaint that details and itemizes the allegations. PLAINTIFF’S AMENDED COMPLAINT (Introduction) And now Plaintiff, JOHN DOE A, pro se, as and for his Complaint against the Defendant, Thomas M. Goerner, alleges, upon knowledge as to himself and otherwise upon information and belief, as follows:
  1. Plaintiff, JOHN DOE A, is an adult individual, formerly a citizen and resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and presently a citizen and resident of another state other than Pennsylvania. The identity of the plaintiff is not pleaded in this Complaint in order to protect the identity of the Plaintiff because the Plaintiff was a victim of sex crimes when the Plaintiff was a minor, age 15, when he was first sexually abused by Thomas M. Goerner. The identity of the Plaintiff will be made known to the Defendant by separate communication.
  2. Defendant, THOMAS M. GOERNER, is an adult individual who resides at 21 Craig Drive, Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. The Defendant presented himself in August 1979 to the Plaintiff as the owner and operator of Wyomissing Meat Market (aka Banco’s Market), located at 105 Evans Street, Wyomissing, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He is sued in Berks County based on tortious acts he committed against the Plaintiff in Berks County.
  4. Plaintiff, at age 12, was introduced to the Defendant in 1976 at Shikellamy Scout Reservation, a Boy Scouts of America-run camp near Reading, PA.
  5. Defendant presented himself as a Scout leader of the Boy Scouts of America troop at St. Catherine of Sienna, of Reading, PA.
  6. Defendant presented himself at all times as a close personal friend of Reverend Victor Anselmi, former troop Chaplain at St. Catherine’s, and who had been a priest assigned to Sacred Heart Church, West Reading, PA, where the Plaintiff attended school and church.
  7. Plaintiff became re-acquainted with the Defendant in 1979 when Plaintiff inquired about part-time employment as a stock clerk at the market operated by Defendant.
  8. At all times material hereto, Defendant was solely responsible for the hiring, scheduling, assigning of work duties on daily basis, firing, and reprimanding of all staff, including the Plaintiff, at the aforementioned business where the Plaintiff was employed.
  9. At all times material hereto, Plaintiff was taught to trust and rely on adults.
  10. At all times, Plaintiff was taught to trust and respect adult authority figures.
  11. At all times material hereto, Plaintiff entrusted his well-being to the Defendant who had a corresponding obligation to be solicitous for, as well as protective of, Plaintiff in the exercise of their position of superiority and purported authority as the employer of the Plaintiff.
  1. Plaintiff was employed by Defendant on or about August 15, 1979 through August, 1982.
  2. Plaintiff was born on or about XXXXXXXXX, 1964.
  3. Plaintiff was sexually abused by the Defendant throughout the period beginning September 1979 through August 1982, in the store’s basement cellar, in and around the store, in the paper goods garage (located on the premises of 1554 Delaware Avenue, Wyomissing, PA), in the walk-in refrigerator located in garage (located on the premises 1556 Delaware Avenue, Wyomissing, PA). The sexual activity or acts constituted or would have constituted a criminal offense under PA statute.
  4. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, in the basement cellar, the Defendant routinely provided and/or made accessible printed pornographic material to the Plaintiff.
  5. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, in locations detailed in paragraph 13, Defendant on an almost daily basis initiated and discussed with the Plaintiff topics of a sexual nature and sex acts between two males, including masturbation, oral sex and anal sex.
  6. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, at locations detailed in paragraph 13, but most often and specifically on the front sidewalk of the store as the Defendant watched the young male customers depart, Defendant on an almost weekly basis, told Plaintiff explicit details of sex acts he wanted to perform on young male customers under the age of 18 who frequented the store to make purchases.
  7. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, at locations detailed in paragraph 13, Defendant verbally offered to perform various sex acts on the Plaintiff.
  8. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, in the store’s basement cellar, the walk-in cooler, and the paper goods garage, on numerous occasions, Defendant groped the Plaintiff’s buttocks.
  9. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, in the store’s basement cellar, and the paper goods garage, on several occasions (no less than three), Defendant wrestled Plaintiff into a hold and pulled down Plaintiff’s pants and attempted to masturbate the Plaintiff.
  10. On two occasions in approximately 1980/1981, Defendant told Plaintiff of sex acts a teenaged male customer engaged in with another male at a remote wooded location near the intersection of Parkside Drive North and Wyoming Avenue, Wyomissing PA.
  11. In approximately 1980-1981, one evening after closing time, with all doors locked, Defendant led the Plaintiff and another minor-aged male employee (whose identity is known to the Plaintiff) to the back of the store by the ice cream freezers at which time the Defendant proceeded to kneel down and directed the Plaintiff and the other boy to allow the Defendant to perform oral sex on both boys.
  12. In approximately 1980-1981, on at least two occasions, Defendant directed another minor-aged male employee, whose identity is known to the Plaintiff, to perform sex acts on the Plaintiff in the store’s cellar.
  13. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, in locations detailed in paragraph 13, on no less than six Sundays, Defendant instructed Plaintiff to not discuss the sexual abuse with Defendant’s wife, Christine M. Goerner, who worked as a cashier on Sundays only.
  14. Between Sept/1980 to Aug/1982, on one occasion, as only Defendant and Plaintiff were in his car driving between the store and the bank in West Reading, the Defendant disclosed to Plaintiff that he had a handgun and a “stash of cash” to use in aiding his escape for the explicitly stated reason “to elude the authorities.”
  15. Between Sept/1980 to Aug/1982, in locations listed in paragraph 13, on at least two occasions following the occurrence stated in paragraph 24, in the presence of only the Plaintiff, Defendant discussed his use of his gun.
  16. At all times subsequent to the threat of use of deadly force stated in paragraphs 24-25, Plaintiff feared he would be harmed by the Defendant should Plaintiff disclose the abuse.
  17. Between Sept/1980 to Aug/1982, on one occasion in the store’s cellar, Defendant provided Plaintiff a plastic bag containing about 100 marijuana cigarettes and directed the Plaintiff to sell the drugs and give money to the Defendant.
  18. Between Sept/1980 to Aug/1982, following the supplying of the Plaintiff with illegal drugs, on no less than six occasions, occurring in locations listed in paragraph 13 and/or on the telephone, Defendant directed Plaintiff to smoke marijuana before or on the way to work.
  19. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, in locations detailed in paragraph 13, on no less than six occasions, Defendant supplied alcohol to the Plaintiff with the explicit understanding that the Plaintiff would consume the alcohol off-premises of the store.
  20. From Sept/1979 to Aug/1982, on no less than four occasions, Defendant provided alcohol to the Plaintiff in the store main floor and permitted its consumption in the store main floor after closing of regular business hours.
  21. Between Jan/1981 to April/1982, on one occasion upon reporting to work on a Saturday morning, Defendant directed Plaintiff to use the Defendant’s automobile to drive a middle-aged adult male, who self-identified his profession as a “male stripper”, to 30th Street Station so that the adult could catch a train back to New York City, during which time the Plaintiff learned of the passenger’s profession and was forced to engage in conversations of a sexual nature with the male stripper.##### END OF EXCERPT####

Were you abused by Tom Goerner?

I know I am not the only victim of Tom Goerner. I have spoken to other adult men who allege they were also abused as children by Tom Goerner. If you or someone you know may have been sexually abused by Thomas M. Goerner of Reading PA, please take action. Serial abusers are known to have a hundred victims. First and foremost, contact the Berks County Detectives Office at 610-478-7171 and over the phone make a statement to a detective about what Tom Goerner did to you. Let the detectives determine what action can be taken. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at this email address at the bottom of this page. Disclaimer: None of these allegations have yet to be proven or disproven in court.