Sexually Abused by Tom Goerner

Groomed, Abused & Threatened Me

I was sexually abused by Thomas M. Goerner of Reading, Pennsylvania (Berks County), at age 15, from 1979-1982. He threatened me with deadly force if I was to tell what he had done to me.  This web site is devoted to sharing my story and connecting with other adults who in their youth were abused by Tom aka “Tommy” Goerner. Goerner, age mid-70s, lives in the Crestwood section of Mount Penn, PA. He was formerly a scout leader with St. Catherine of Sienna (Troop 358) and Reformation Lutheran Church (Troop 315).

November 2023: The release of “Scout’s Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America” has renewed worldwide interest in the epidemic of sexual abuse in scouting. I met Tom Goerner at Camp Shikellamy in about 1976 when I was a scout. More: Scouts Honor Renews Vow for Justice >>

September 2021: Media Inquiries for Interviews at the Harrisburg PA rally on 9/20/21, email to schedule an interview with John Doe A (Plaintiff).

August 2021: Added complete Opinion and Order by Judge Sprecher which provided the right to re-file the civil suit against Thomas M. Goerner for child sexual abuse. Image of the order is below. Note Judge Sprecher’s handwriting of the stipulation: “…without prejudice to refile within 30 days of a legislative change in the statute of limitations allowing Plaintiff his day in court.”  Thank You Judge Sprecher!

March 2021: Governor Wolf supports Emergency Declaration to Pass Constitutional Amendment. Hearings are being held this week by the Senate Judiciary Committee to allow the SOL reform “two year window” to be on the ballot in May 2021 for voter approval.  More Details

November 2019: Child Sex Abuse Statute Reform Passes in House and Senate including Two-Year Retroactive Window.  Details in Legislative Action in Pennsylvania

July 2019: Plaintiff’s Complaint Detailed Allegations of Child Sex Abuse by Thomas Goerner added.

March 2019 Update: NY and NJ lawmakers approve retroactive window for civil suits by victims of abuse.

Child Sex Abuse Suit Filed in Berks County

On Jan. 31, 2013, I filed a civil law suit against Thomas M. Goerner of Reading, PA, for sexual abuse of a minor.  Because no attorney would represent me, I represented myself pro se. Between 2013 and 2017, the suit worked its way through the civil court system in Berks County PA. Read more Case Updates.

Tom Goerner Lawsuits
Thomas M. Goerner Lawsuit Records from Click to View Complete Profile.

Goerner Defense Up in Smoke

Goerner claimed in his initial answer to the civil complaint  this to be a case of mistaken identity and that he never employed me. But my social security statement proves he did. I have a certified copy showing employer names – one of those names was Thomas M. Goerner. During discovery, I obtained documentary evidence that Goerner employed me, collected social security deductions from my paycheck and filed those deductions with the SSA. With his credibility impeached, Goerner switched his defense to a claim that the suit was barred by the statute of limitations. Read the Case Updates Page.

Read more about the Wyomissing grocery store where the abuse happened. During the 1990s, Goerner operated his own catering business.  Presently, Goerner works for a well-known meat packing plant in Reading PA, according to court documents, which is a popular destination for children to visit for school tours. Goerner currently resides in the Crestwood section of Mount Penn in Reading, Pennsylvania, according to court documents and internet databases.

Eight More Potential Victims Identified

Research studies indicate child sex abusers have an average of 150 victims. I know I am not the only victim of Tom Goerner. I know that for a fact because others were abused in my presence. During discovery, eight other potential victims were identified. If you or someone you know may have been sexually abused by Thomas M. Goerner of Reading PA, please take action.

Goerner was a Boy Scout leader for decades in the Reading / Berks County PA area. According to court filings, Goerner admitted being a scout leader for St. Catherine of Sienna. Goerner was also a scout leader for the Reformation Lutheran Church (Troop 315), according to a resident of Reading PA who emailed me in 2019.  I personally was first introduced to him at Camp Shikellamy in the mid-1970s; he had access to many young boys. I am taking the extraordinary steps to reach out to others in the hopes that they join me in taking action.  The resident who knows Tom Goerner also claimed that Goerner had a severe mental breakdown in the mid-to-late 1990s, which sounds like an area of further exploration in a future Request for Admission.

First and foremost, contact the Berks County Detectives Office at 610-478-7171, ask for Det. Sgt. Vega and over the phone make a statement about what Tom Goerner did to you. Let the detectives determine what action can be taken. I made this call in Nov. 2012.

If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at this email address: